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“Where two or more are gathered in My name there is love”

Love and commitment are true gifts of the Spirit and they deserve to be honored and respected for the joys they bring to the lives of those who share them. All people, from all lifestyles, all religions, all walks of life deserve a wedding day that represents who they are and what they believe.

Dr. Thayer has been an ordained non-denominational minister for over 35 years. Over that time she has gathered the most beautiful words, verses, rituals, vows and prayers and brings them all together is an outline you can use to personalize your very special ceremony.

Dr. Thayer will help you create a wedding ceremony that reflects your beliefs and expresses the essence and hopes of your union. Whether the words you choose are religious, spiritual or civil in nature they will become the words you build your new married life upon. You will speak meaningful words to each other and to all of the people who mean so much to you both.
Your guests will leave with a true sense of what love and marriage mean to you in your new life together.

You can participate in the wording as much or as little as you like. If you are more of a “repeat after me” kind of person Dr. Thayer can create a beautiful ceremony for you.

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Types of Weddings

Non-Denominational weddings
Traditional weddings
Contemporary Weddings
Civil Weddings
Interfaith Weddings

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