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Your 2020 Wedding!!

Congratulations on your engagement! Now what?? So much to research. Where do you begin? Time to sit down together and talk about the visions you both have for you very special day.

Once you decide the ambience, colors and area you like it is time to search for venues. There are so many beautiful places to be married in the Pocono Mountains.

If you want a church wedding you will need to contact them for available dates. You will then need to find and book the venue for the reception and/or ceremony, All other vendors will follow these two bookings. Most times your venue can recommend vendors or you can take a look on The Knot or Wedding Wire on the internet. There are many professionals with reviews there that can ease the stress of finding a dependable person..

Whether you are looking at a large elaborate event or eloping without all of the fanfare there will still be planning involved..remember this is your wedding.. Others, including friends and family members will be coming to you with ideas of what they think is needed. Stay true to you and your hearts.Its important to speak words that reflect you and your love for each other.

Congratulations and best of luck to you both!

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