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Baby Namings

The birth or adoption of a new baby in your life means things will never be the same. This totally unique and precious little life will change you in ways you can’t imagine, and will shape you as much as you will shape them. The role of parents is perhaps the toughest yet most rewarding role you you will ever hold and the “Guide Parents” you will choose will be just as important in guiding your child’s spiritual life.

It’s fitting to mark such a significant time in your lives, and to celebrate and welcome your baby into your circle of family and friends.

You are introducing your child by name for the first time in this world., You might wish to take the opportunity of including older children in a ceremony. Dr. Thayer can help you plan the ceremony that is right for your family and your situation, as short or as long as you like , as formal or casual as suits your wants and needs.

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